Stremio Apk 2020 for Android Mobile and TV

Stremio app is known to be the one stop destination for watching any video content that is available to be accessed online. The Stremio has a video content library that has great collection of movies, television shows, YouTube videos and other popular web channel videos in them. These videos can be easily sorted out, streamed to watch instantly from the app itself. The app has been made available for every other platform, under which the android platform is said to be the most used one.

The Stremio app is available for a free download at Google’s Play Store and at their official web portal. Other than directly installing the app to your android running smartphone or tablet, you need to consider downloading the app as apk files. The Stremio apk 2018 file provides with an optimal performance when compared to the default option that is available at the Play Store.

Download Stremio Apk for Android Devices

Download Stremio Apk

The Stremio apk download links can be found here and from the official web portal of Stremio too. All you need to do is to download Stremio apk file directly to your android running device to install the app within a minute and start streaming your favorite video contents instantly.

Latest Stremio Apk for Android TV and Mobile

Stremio apk for Android lets you watch video contents from iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and from FilmonTV at the same time. This type of multi web content streaming within the app makes Stremio stand apart from other apps in the market. By getting the latest stremio apk download links, you can easily import videos from social networking sites like Facebook, add videos from your local drive and watch them at your free time. These updated features are only available with the apk version of Stremio app.

How to Download Stremio Apk

Below mentioned are the steps to download Stremio apk file to your android running device:

In order to download and then to install the apk file version of Stremio app, you need to provide with a permission that lets the device install the app through them. Before downloading the stremio apk file, make sure to follow steps:

  • Tap into the Settings menu in your android running smartphone or tablet.
  • Inside them search for a section that says ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Make a click upon them, and then make sure this particular feature is turned on.
  • The Unknown Sources option provides enough permission for the android device to download and install apk files other than getting them from Google’s Play Store.
  • Turning this feature on for Stremio apk files are completely safe as the apk files are officially released by Stremio itself.
  • Once you have turned this feature on, you can download the apk file from here or from official web portal of Stremio.

The entire apk file download process takes less than a minute to complete as the overall file size of them are low when compared to the ones in Play Store. After downloading them, open them up and follow up the instructions that are show on scree to successfully install the app and start watching your favorite videos instantly from your android device.

Ultimate Stremio Addons Club 2018

Check out these awesome Stremio Official Addons and Stremio Community Addons. Below you can download and install all the Stremio Addons exist.

According to official website of Stremio Addons, there are three official Add-ons and seven community addons. All the stremio addons have their own specification ,which you can check after this paragraph. Let’s discuss each addon individually.

Official Stremio Addons –

1. Watch Hub

Find where to stream your favorite movies and shows amongst iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and other UK/US services.

2. YouTube

With the help of this add-on ,you can easily watch movies, tv-series (AD FREE) , you will get notification whenever channel owner publish new video.

3. Open Subtitles

Subtitles are sometime plays very important role while watching movies or tv series. Because not all people can understand English movies without subtitles. So open subtitle stremio addon helps you watch your favourite movie with subtitles.

Community Addons :-

Vodo Movies

VODO brings you indie movie torrents, free to download, watch and legally share


It is another best addon ,in which you can watch movies or any other video online.


Stream Netflix movies and Hollywood, Bollywood TV series without worrying about buffering and all.

RARBG addon

Watch content from RARBG in Stremio

Stremio Addons Juan Carlos 2

Allows streaming from torrents collected from all over the web

PirateBay Addon-local

Fetch PirateBay entries on a single episode or series.


dTube addon for stremio – monetize your videos with steem blockchain Join us at

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