Psiphon Handler Apk 2020 Download for Android

Psiphon app is a network bypassing tool that evades the internet censorship that has made to the country you belong to, and allows you to access websites that are blocked by the government. Millions of people have been using Psiphon app in their android running devices as no one from the authority level can get to know that you are accessing with websites that blocked by them at first place. This type of providing unlimited web access has made many android devices users to download Psiphon handler apk file from their official web portal.

If you are not able to find links to download the Psiphon handler app from Google’s Play Store, then you need to get Psiphon handler Apk links from the official website of Psiphon. Make sure to download the latest Psiphon handler Apk 2019 file that has lots of new features and bugs fixed on them. Moreover, the free Psiphon handler apk file can be installed to any new or old android running smartphone or tablets.

Download Psiphon Handler Apk  All Version

Psiphon Handler Apk Download

The official web portal of Psiphon has Psiphon handler Apk all version links to download with. If you are a software developer, then you can download every other apk version of the app, test them, and even send feedback, so that they can get updated and provide with the best website access app in the near future. If you are not a developer, then you can still download every other version of Psiphon app from their website.

The following are some of the apk versions of Psiphon app that are known for the unique features in them:

Psiphon handler 82 Apk Version

By downloading this particular version, the users can make use of either VPN or browser mode and choose the tunnel to bypass and access a website with. Also, the in app status feature lets the users to know about the traffic that revolves around a website, which they are trying to access with. The app is as usual free to access for any kind of personal use. The users get an option to choose the apps which are said to be excluded from the default VPN tunnel.

Psiphon Handler 113 Apk Version

By downloading Psiphon handler 113 Apk version, the users get to know about the overall traffic consumption they have made through the app and it can be checked within the app itself. The app has two different buttons has can be found upon opening the app in your android device. The new quit button makes the user interface a simple one; also the Facebook page button can be used to access the official Facebook page of Psiphon. The automatic selection process of protocols is an effective feature.

Psiphon handler 100 Apk Version

By downloading this particular version, the users can choose to access the websites through tunnels that are set in default by Psiphon or by using their preferred web browsers to access them. The app is completely free for people who are accessing websites through them for their personal use.

Latest Psiphon handler Apk  2019

2019 Psiphon Handler Apk version: This is the latest apk version of Psiphon and it has tons of new features that have made the whole bypassing website an easy process. Also, the overall apk file size of this particular version has been reduced to help people who are having poor storage spaces to let access the app with. If your android device is said to be running the latest version of Android in them, then this version of Psiphon can run smooth on them.

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