Download Popcorn Time for MAC – Latest Version

By downloading Popcorn time for Mac, one can stream and watch thousands of movies, starting from classics till the recently released ones from any torrent link that is available on the internet.

This torrent file streaming works making use of a traditional file exchange Torrent system that lets the users of Popcorn time to watch their favorite TV shows or movies without downloading them at first place.

Popcorn Time Download for MAC

The link to download popcorn time for MAC is available at the official website of Popcorn Time. Make sure to download the latest version of popcorn time for mac 2017, so that you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies, without any kind of bugs disturbing your entire video watching experience with the app.

How to Download Popcorn Time on MAC?

The download links for Popcorn time 3.10 for Mac OSX 10.7 and above are widely available at the official website of Popcorn Time. Visit the official website using any web browser to download Popcorn Time to your MAC. The real problem rises up after downloading Popcorn Time to your MAC. Unlike Windows Operating System, one cannot directly install the app to their MAC. This is because of the security reasons, which Apple has been strictly following up with their new feature named Gatekeeper. One needs to bypass the Gatekeeper to install the app on their MAC. It is completely fine to bypass this new security feature of Apple, as this particular online torrent streaming app has great features, when compared to other available apps. Note that you can also download popcorn time apk for android mobile and android tv.

Video Tutorial

Make sure to disable Gatekeeper before installing the app to your MAC. You can do so, by launching the ‘System Preferences’ on your MAC.

Click upon the ‘General’ tab under the ‘Security & Privacy’, and later on click upon ‘Allow applications downloaded from’ icon. Make sure that ‘Anywhere’ is selected.

You need to click on ‘Accept’ button to complete the process. Accept the security warning and allow the MAC to install Popcorn Time to them.

After completing this process, you can launch the app from any developer or location.This whole process defines that you are allowing your MAC to download any kind of application to them and even the ones which Apple has restrained due to security reasons.

This type of surpassing the security levels of Apple is fine with Popcorn time app, but when it comes to other applications, you need to know about them before providing access to them with your MAC.



Once you have installed the app, you can choose any movie or TV series to buffer from the torrents. The best part about the Popcorn Time app is that it allows the users to watch their favorite TV shows or movies at a video resolution, which they can opt with.

If your internet speed is considerably good, then you can choose to play the videos at 1080p resolution. If you are in a weak Wi-Fi signal place, then you can still play your favorite videos by choosing between 480p and 720p video streaming quality.

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