Download Popcorn Time App for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Popcorn time is a great torrent streaming platform to watch all of your favorite TV shows and movies online, for free. The great news is that the app shall now be accessed on iPhones and iPads too. The app can be accessed by downloading the Popcorn Time for ios.

The download and installation process for iPhones are quite different, when compared to the android running devices. This is because of the new security feature named Gatekeeper, which Apple has installed for their MAC, yet, one can bypass it to install and browse the Popcorn Time on their MAC devices.

Can I download Popcorn Time App on my iPhone?

Yes, you can definitely download popcorn time ios app to your iPhone, but you need to follow the below mentioned download and installation guide to successfully access the app from your iOS running devices like iPhone or iPad. If you want to install this app in your apple pc then you need popcorn time for mac download link , which is given in the other post of this website.

How to Install Popcorn Time on iOS 9, 10 or Higher?

In order to access Popcorn Time app in iPhone or iPad, one needs to install popcorn time on iOS using IPA file on their MAC. You need to have a developer account to complete the app installation process through Popcorn time IPA files. Once you have downloaded the IPA file, you need to open up Xcode on your MAC computer. Remember you can also get popcorn time for windows by tapping this link.

Sign in with Xcode using your Apple developer Account ID. After signing in, you will get the source code to complete the Popcorn time app setup on your iPhone.

Unzip your download source code and open them with Xcode. Connect your iOS running smartphone or tablet to your MAC and let the Xcode to detect the device. Once the device gets detected, select the destination place as your iOS connected device by clicking upon Destination under Product tab.

Now, you need to generate a signing signature code for the popcorn time app by clicking upon the Project icon on the left panel, and then change them to Bundle identifier.

Select your name from the Team box and then click upon the Fix issue button that lies underneath them. This allows the Xcode to automatically detect and fix the ‘no matching profile found’ issue.

Once the installation process gets completed, you need to visit the Profile and Device management tab that can be found under General tab in Settings, in your iOS running iPhone or iPad. Click upon Trust the developer to complete the entire process.

NOTE :- If you have android device instead of iPhone , you must need popcorn time apk and you can get this apk file just follow the link.

The above mentioned is the most simple process to make use of Popcorn Time app straight from your iPhone or iPad. The entire installation process takes less than a minute to complete. With higher demand, they shall be releasing an official app for iOS users on the Apple store very soon. Until then, one needs to follow up all the above mentioned steps to watch their favorite TV shows or movie torrent links on their iOS running devices.

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