Popcorn Time Apk Download for Android (Phone & TV)

The Popcorn Time is an android running app that lets the users to play any of their favorite TV series episodes, movies and other videos directly on their Android device, without having the need to download the content from an external torrent. It’s moreover like an torrent online streaming app that lets the users to watch the video content, without externally downloading them to their smartphone or to any other storage.

The users of this particular app can take over any torrent file of their favorite videos on the internet and watch the video content from them, without downloading the file to the smartphone. This clears the fact that one can watch video content from a torrent file, without even downloading them to their device or to their SD card slot.

Latest Popcorn Time Apk for Android

The Popcorn Time Apk can be downloaded directly to your Android smartphone by visiting the official web portal of them. Once you have landed with the official website of Popcorn Time, look out for a link that can let you download popcorn time apk to your smartphone. Make sure to download the latest version of Popcorn time apk, so that you can stay away from bugs and get a complete video streaming experience straight from the app.

This type of streaming the torrent on an android smartphone or tablet, works great for people who would like to watch video content from any torrent link on the go. The app itself has a great user interface with easy access to the latest video contents that are popular all over the world. The genre wise movie collection list makes it easy for the users to search and watch movies, as per their wish. The Popcorn Time initially started with Windows running operating systems, and later on with huge demand, they have extended access to the same with Android running smartphones and tablets too.

The Popcorn Time Apk download for android does not take much of your storage space in your Android running smartphone and it can be easily downloaded straight to your SD cards too. If you have an android television in your home, then make use of the popcorn time apk for android tv to screen mirror your favorite TV shows and movies directly from the app to your television screen. While downloading the Popcorn Time app, make sure to get the Popcorn Time 2.9 for Android Device that has a great video play to buffer your favorite videos without any kind of lag in terms of buffering. The entire interface of this particular version looks more elegant than the others.

The very first page of the app itself has every other famous and latest TV series and movies that are available to be streamed within the app. One can also make use of the search tool to watch their favorite movies. Their wide collections of video content have made them a better choice when compared to other online video streaming apps.

What is Popcorn Time App?

Popcorn Time is a television series and movies player that shall thrill out the fans who are looking out for ways to play audiovisual material on the go. This particular works great on any android running smartphone or tablets and it helps the users to buffer and watch their favorite videos, without having the need to download the content at first. The best part about this app is that it lets their users to choose the resolution, which they need the videos to be buffered with. For example, the users can choose between 480p, 720p and 1080p, depending upon the speed of their Wi-Fi connection. The video content from the torrent link shall start to buffer, once parts of them get uploaded to Popcorn Time. This whole process of uploading the content from the link and then buffering them to the user, takes less than a minute.

Popcorn Time Official Website Link :-  https://popcorntime.sh

How to Download Popcorn Time App Apk?


The Popcorn Time app is widely available for a download at the official website of them. One can either download the apk version or get the directly app install links by visiting the official website. In order to download and run the Popcorn Time Apk file, you need to have an Android 3.0 or later versions of stock android running in your smartphone or tablet.

Video Tutorial – How to Download Popcorn Time

Download Popcorn Time

This app is available on many devices , and you can get download link below :-

IOS (iPhone , iPad etc. )

Download for iOS


Download for MAC


Download for Windows

You can download popcorn time apk for Android 4.0.3 and above. Check links below :-





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