mAadhaar App Guidelines for Android – { Complete Guide }

mAdhaar App is an application to check your Adhaar Card Online. It can be used to Issue or Edit your Adhaar Card through your mobile phone. mAdhaar is an remote application which allows its users to access their Identification Profile anywhere they go. Many people search for complete guide of mAadhaar app for android as they are unable to understand what actually this app do and what are the benefits of having it installed in their Android Devices(Currently The Application Is Only Available For Android Users Only, Soon It will be launched for Windows and IOS users as well.)

mAdhaar App Guidelines

mAadhaar App Guidelines
mAadhaar App Guidelines

mAdhaar Is Still In Beta Mode

According to UIDAI the mAdhaar App is still in the BETA Mode which means there might be some bugs and issues with the application till now. But UIDAI has SAID that soon the application will be launched in its full version so that its users can use the application without any interruptions.

mAdhaar App Comes with a unique feature that is Time Based One Time Password (T-OTP) rather than the normal One Time Password (OTP). This service also uses the Norma SMS but the only change is that OTP which comes on your mobile will be valid for bit longer time than usual.

More mAdhaar APK Guidlines

As the application is still in BETA Testing mode. Therefore, many people are not able to Download mAadhaar Apk on their Android Devices through Google Play Store. They can either use any other Android Play Store or else download the app through the mirror link given below.

Problems You Will Face While Using the Application

The major problem with the application that many people face is with receiving or validating T-OTP on their mobile phones through the application. Usually the UIDAI servers give no response on SEND OTP or else the otp sent on your mobile is wrong. There aren’t any solutions available for the application right now but UIDAI has said that with the release of their Full Version of mAdhaar, all the Problems with OTP will be solved.


mAdhaar application is used to represent the steps taken by MODI GOVERNMENT to show the DIGITAL INDIA.

mAdhaar Application is still in the BETA Mode and users are facing many problems with the application. Such as Receiving or Validation of OTP, Unable to create password for the application, and many other.

With reference to UIDAI latest news the application will soon be launched by the month end of AUGUST, 2017.

Also check mAadhaar apk frequently asked questions like how to use mAadhaar apk, where to download etc.

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