Latest Root Explorer APK Download – 2020

We all at some time point root our android devices so that we can access all the hidden features of the device. But when you’re using a rooted android device then you should not use default file explorers which generally are quite slow and you won’t be able to use the full potential of your rooted android device with those old file explorers and that’s why today I’ve brought you Latest Root Explorer APK Download which you can install and use it for free.

Many android users don’t know this, but if you use root explorer as your file manager, then you can access any files which are saved either on the internal or external memory of your android phone. You will be able to edit the root directories, system folders and many other important files with this beautiful app. I’ve seen many people searching for Download Root Explorer APK for Android, but they couldn’t find the appropriate the version of it, and that’s why here I’ve uploaded the latest version of root explorer for free so go ahead and check it out.

Features of Root Explorer

Latest Root Explorer APKOne of the primary things which every android user doesn’t care to look for when they’re installing an app in their device is its features. That’s why here I’ve decided to note down some essential features of Root Explorer Android Apk Download for those who don’t know what this app can do for them so check them out.

  • Shortcut Folder- With root explorer, you can easily create a shortcut of any file which you want and you can even put on your home screen of the device.
  • Stream Music/Videos- Root Explorer has a pre-built media player and which you can use to play any type of media file.
  • Easily Sharing of Files- When you want to transfer a particular file from your file manager then you can do that via Bluetooth, shareit, xender etc easily.
  • Hidden Files- We all have some secrets which we don’t want to share with others and if you’ve got some confidential files which you don’t want others to see or access then this app can help you do that.
  • Search option- Sometimes finding an important file or folder takes a lot of time but in root explorer you can search any type of file in fraction of seconds which you want by typing its name

How to Download Root Explorer APK Pro Version

One of the most important thing when it comes to downloading root explorer is that many people don’t know how to download and install root explorer apk pro version of this app and that’s why here I’ve written in brief how can download it for free.

  • Then very first thing which you’ll have to do is to download the root explorer apk file in your android device.
  • You won’t be able to install this file until you make some change in your android device and that change is allowing third-party applications. To do that go to the settings>security>click unknown sources
  • Now find the folder in which you’ve downloaded the root explorer apk file and click on it to install.
  • It will take some time to install and after installation has been finished click on open to exploring the fantastic app.


So this is how you can download and use one of the essential apps for rooted android devices. I hope you liked this article and if you’ve got any suggestions or queries, then please leave a comment below.

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