IFTTT App Download for Android and iOS Devices

IFTTT App helps in bringing every other social media network services together and provides with a new user experience to them. It helps in connecting various social media profiles of a person, like Twitter, Google Drive, Telegram, Instagram, Gmail, Facebook and much more.

What is IFTTT App?

IFTTT App Download
IFTTT App Download

IFTTT, also known as IF This Then That web-based free service that help in creating a chain of simple statement named as the applets. These applets are triggered upon the changes that are made with various web services, namely Facebook, Gmail, Pinterest or Instagram. For example, if a person likes a picture on Instagram or Facebook, the applet shall send out the photo to their Dropbox account. It helps in automating web-application tasks like posting the same picture or same content over different social networks at the same time. The links to download IFTT App is widely available for both iOS and android smartphone users.

IFTTT App Features

IFTTT App Features

IFTTT App for Android ( Download .APK)

If you an Android smartphone user, you can directly download the app by visiting the Google Play Store. The app is widely available for a free download the Play Store. One can also download and install the app to their android running smartphone by downloading the IFTTT apk file from the official web portal of the IFTTT. Make sure to download the latest version of the app, so that you can get to experience an updated version of the app. The latest update from IFTTT helps the users to manage their communication subscriptions, straight from their Account settings itself. Also the Google Drive service has been added with separate services for Sheets and Docs.


Download IFTTT Android App

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IFTTT for iOS Download

If you are using iOS running devices like iPhones or iPads, then you can download IFTTT for iPhone by visiting Apple’s App Store. The user interface of IFTTT app has been customized in a different way for Apple users.

IFTTT App Store

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IFTTT Recipes

By making use of the recipes, the users can bridge the gap between their various smart home gadgets and unlock great features which never existed before. The best part about the recipes is that the users get to experiment with their own recipes and can create any new actions. For example, one can turn their Thermostat into a new security cam, get their front door a new auto-lock function, find their smartphone using light switch, change room light depending upon the weather condition and much more. These unique tasks can help the users to complete their everyday tasks at ease.

Download IFTTT

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