FRP Bypass Apk – Download Latest Version for Android [2020]

We are living in the ultra-technological world where a smartphone is necessary to handle our work but sometimes the thing which is made to protect or help you might harm you as well.

Here I’m talking about factory reset protection which is a feature you will find in most of the new Android devices.

Many people don’t know what FRP does for them, in short, factory reset protection is that feature which has been launched by Google to protect the android users data and important files if the phone has been stolen or lose.

So if you happen to lose your phone then that intruder might not be able to get into that phone unless he has right credentials to sign in. But sometimes we reset our android phones and forget the credentials like ID or password and at that time frp bypass apk might help you.

When it comes to using smartphone one of the most important thing which every mobile manufacturing company giving importance is the security of the customers. If you’re using an android phone and enables the FRP then you better know the login ID and pass because in case if you forgot it after resetting your phone then that will become a problem which will give you a lot of headaches. I’ve seen many peoples who don’t give importance to the user ID or password details when they are using an Android device and most of the times that happen when you use multiple accounts but if you’ve reset your phone and forgot don’t have the login details then latest FRP bypass apk will help you. Because with this app you can easily skip the verification step.

How to Use FRP Bypass Apk 2018

FRP Bypass Apk DownloadMany people who want to bypass the verification while login into android smartphone need to download frp bypass apk and here you’ll find a complete guide on how to download the latest version of this app and then use it to bypass the factory reset protection. So follow these steps to get the FRP bypass apk download and run it to bypass the frp settings.

Before we go into the details of the usability of this app first make sure that you’ve got these things in your possession because without them you won’t be able to use this app.

  • USB Pendrive
  • PC or Alternate Device and
  • Working OTG Cable
  • First of all download the bypass apk file in your pendrive
  • Now open up the device which you’re desired to bypass frp and just follow the instructions given up on the screen
  • Now when the bypass factory reset protection appears on the screen of your android device then connect the pendrive in which you’ve just downloaded the bypass frp apk file with the help of OTG cable.
  • Now you will be able to see the file manager opening on your android device and then go to the folder in which you just saved that apk file frp bypass.
  • Now here you will have to change the security settings of your device to install this app and you can do that by following these instructions- goto the Setting>Security>Unknown sources and tap on it.
  • Now click on the apk file to install and while installing have a little patience ‘cause sometimes it takes some few seconds get successfully installed.
  • After successfully installation of the app just click on open and go settings and then tap on Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset and tap on ‘Erase Everything’

Now, this is how you can easily bypass the factory reset protection with the help of this app. While doing the process just make sure that you’re following the instructions provided carefully.


So this is how you can use the latest version of frp bypass to trick the frp and get into your Android device. We hope you liked this article and if you’ve got any queries relating to it then please comment down below.

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