Learn to Download My boy Apk Latest Version in your Android Device

One of the best things about using android is that you will get tons of new and handy apps launching for your devices so that you can play some awesome games and enjoy new apps. If you’re a type of person who always likes to play games on their android devices then now you can play high-end games which are developed by Gameboy by using an emulator. My boy apk is that emulator which will let you enjoy all the high-end games on your smartphone, and one of the best things about the latest version of my boy apk is that it’s free to download and use.

I’ve seen many peoples who like to play games on their smartphone, and if you want to run Gameboy high-end games in your android smartphone, then you can do that with my boy apk for android emulator which is free to download. As an android phone user you won’t be able to run some high-end games on your device because your Android device is not that much capable of handling these things, but when you’re using my boy apk app, it will automatically let you play any high-end game without facing any difficulty.

What is My boy Apk and Its Features

download my boy apk latest versionAs it mentioned above my boy apk is an emulator which has been developed so that Android users can play some high-end games of Gameboy which generally can’t be played on Android devices. So if you don’t know what is my boy apk then, it’s just an emulator which you can use to play/run games and apps. However, if you want to know more about what this app can do for you then here are the best features of my boy apk.

  • This app helps you to remove irritating ads.
  • Save to and load from multiple slots through emulator’s menu and also autosave and load.
  • This app helps to Sync with Google Drive. With this feature, you can save the game in one device and resume your game in another device.
  • If you are a fan of fast forwarding games/apps then this app can let you do that up to the speed of 16x.
  • You can get multiple lines of codes in a single cheat.
  • You can link up your server with your friend’s the other side a client.

How to Download My boy Apk Latest Version?

One of the basic and yet very important questions many people who search for this app is that How to Download My boy Apk Latest Version? and here I’ve written a detailed guide on how you can Download My boy Apk and install it successfully on your android device.

  • Go to the play store and type my boy app in the search box
  • Click on the official my boy GBA emulator app
  • Then wait till it gets installed in your android device
  • After installation is done successfully, click on my boy app to open and enjoy free games


So this is how you can download one of the best android app which can let play high games of Gameboy for free and without any problems. If you’ve got any queries or problems regarding this then leave us a comment and we’ll try to solve it.

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