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What is mAdhaar App? mAadhaar Apk is an application to check and edit your Adhaar Card online on your Mobile Phone. You can use the application to change your Photo, Current Registered Address or Locality and Mobile Number linked to your Adhaar ID. mAdhaar is an very useful app for those who doesn’t like to wait in a queue for their turn to change the wrong on or old information on your Adhaar Card.

It also useful for those people who doesn’t like to carry their Adhaar Card all the time. They can simply show the Adhaar ID from their phone for any kind of verification but the same lacks where you need to provide Xerox copy of your Adhaar Card, then this app can’t help you in the situation.

mAadhaar App Apk information
mAadhaar App Apk

There are many mAdhaar App features which many people don’t know and Therefore, they think that it just an useless app grab some space on their mobile phones but there are slightly wrong as 60% Population of India is using the application for some purposes and that’s the main reason why I would suggest you to Download mAdhaar Apk By UIDAI

More Information On mAdhaar App

  • The mAdhaar App is still in the beta testing mode and many people don’t know about it. If you’re an mAdhaar user and getting issues while using the application then you can give feedback to application manager by the email provided in Google Play Store.
  • A Unique Feature of Official mAadhaar App which is an SMS verification system for mAdhaar App By UIDAI. This unique feature is named as T-OTP – TIme Based One Time Password which is simply an OTP which is used for verification process but basically this OTP will be valid for more time than that of an OTP does.
  • So, many people are not able to download the app and often lead to question, Where To Download mAdhaar Apk? Answer is very simple and easy. If you’re unable to download the app from Google Play Store then you will have to download the APK version of the App from World Wide Web and install it in your Android Device.
  • mAadhaar Apk is currently available only for Android Devices. According to the latest news from UIDAI it has been noted that soon the application will be available for Windows Phone and IOS users as well but this would take them some time. UIDAI has said that the application for other OS will launched by the last week of August.
  • mAdhaar App is a part of Modi’s Digital India. Modi Government has a lot of things which has helped a person to lead a better life with less efforts. Modi is taking good steps ahead Digital India and that is the only reason which gave lead mAdhaar Application on his mind.

Where To Download mAdhaar Apk?

As the app is only available for Android Devices. The application is available on Google Play Store but if you still face some problems while downloading the app through Google Play Store then please refer to the link given at end of the article to Download mAdhaar Apk.

More Frequently Asked Questions – mAadhaar FAQ’s

Fake mAadhaar App(s)

mAadhaar asks you for your Adhaar Card ID which is used to register onto the application. Seeing this thing many people have created Fake mAdhaar applications to steal the Adhaar Information of people and sell it to the required person or misusing them in some illegal work(s).

You should be careful about fake mAdhaar App and always go with the Official mAadhaar App For Android. There is one fake app name mAdhaar with publisher name as Bharat Tech on it. Please be careful with the things while using mAdhaar App.

Bugs And Problems Faced By People Using mAdhaar App

It’s always better to know about what problems a person can face while using an application and therefore, you should know the same for mAdhaar.

As the Application is still in the Beta Mode people are facing many issues due to which they are not able to use the app properly on their Android Devices.

►►Most users of the application are not able to get the Verification OTP on their mobile number due to which they are not even able to use the app. The problem which has been registered by users is of having error like : no response from the server or unable to verify the OTP. UIDAI has been informed about the same problem and is taking steps from their side to help the users to start using the app.

►►Many of the users also stuck at setting a password for their mAdhaar Account. This is because of the password restriction of the application is too high. You will be required to set a password with mix set of letter, number and symbols. Many people are not able to set passwords at first but after 2-3 trials you will understand the password concept of mAdhaar App.


mAdhaar App is a very useful for people as it provides direct way to change, edit your details of your Adhaar ID. mAdhaar Application requires a basic internet connection to use the app. Almost 60% of the public in India have joined the app and meanwhile others are also slowly joining the app for a step towards a ease life. For more mAadhaar app guidelines please visit our other posts.

If you still face any problems to Download Official mAadhaar Android App Apk then please comment below.

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