Discord App Apk Download for Android and iOS Devices

Discord App is an all in one text and voice chat app that lets gamers to access them through various platforms like android and iOS. The app was developed to replace with the (VOIP) voice-over-internet protocol apps and let the gamers chat with their fellow team game members in real time.

discord app apk downloadThe best part about this application is that it allows the gamers to converse with other even while being in the middle of a gameplay. It also has chat rooms, where the gamers can discuss a lot about gameplay and much more. One can also send over direct messages to others by signing up with Discord app.

The Discord Download App links are widely available at the official web portal of Discord, where one can get the required Discord Download online links that shall redirect you to the download page as per your device requirement. If you are an android user, you can either visit Google’s Play Store or get Discord Download Apk for Android links from the official web portal of Discord. The official web portal has the latest download Discord Apk files with them.

The Discord Apk download links are less in terms of file size and it can be directly downloaded from your android running smartphone or tablet.

Discord Apk Download for Android

Android users have two different options to install this particular game chat app to their device with. One is by visiting Google’s Play Store and searching for Discord app in them, the other is by download the Discord Apk file from the official web portal that can directly install the app to the downloaded device. Both these options carry over the same kind of features in them and it is up to the android users to decide the platform to download them. When you have decided to download discord apk file and install them to your android running device, make sure to download the latest version of the app that has many new features and bugs fixed on them.

Installing Discord Apk on Android

When it comes to installing apk files to android devices, the users need to tweak up with certain permissions that shall let them download and install Discord for android device through apk files. Android in default does not allow their users to download or install such apk files to the device. This is because of certain security function, which Android feels not safe for your device, which is definitely not true to an extent. Third party apps shall provide the users with a complete access to the app that one shall never get by downloading the apps that are available in Google’s Play Store.

In order to let your android device install apk files on them, you need to visit the Settings menu and search for ‘Unknown Sources’ under them. This unknown sources option shall be turned on in certain android devices. If it is found to be turned off, you need to turn them back on, so that you can directly install apk files to the android device. Either way, make sure that this features has been turned on in your device.

Visit the official web portal of Discord to download the latest apk file of the app from them. Downloading the apk file takes less than a minute as the overall size of the app has been reduced to make sure many android users get them at ease. After downloading them, open the apk file and click upon the Install button. Wait for few minutes until the app gets installed to your android device. An installation complete notification shall pop up and then you can directly open the app and start chatting with your gaming friends. Moreover with the apk version of Discord, the users can send real time videos, gifs and even emojis to other gamers. Also the users can start with a video chat and have a face to face interaction while playing their favorite game on their android running smartphone or tablet. Once you have downloaded the app through apk files, you can either download the next update of the app by visiting the official web portal or by visiting Google’s Play Store.

Download Discord for iPhone Mobile

This particular cross chat platform is also available for a download for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and even for iPod Touch. The Discord Download iOS App link can be obtained by visiting Apple’s App Store. Open up the App store in your iPhone or in any of your iOS running device and then open the Apps icon. Make use of the search box and search for Discord app in them. The Discord app shall be displayed on your screen. Click upon the download link to download and to install them directly to your iPhone. The app is completely free to download and it takes less than a minute to complete the entire download and installation process with. After downloading them, open the app to sign in to your existing Discord account, or create a new one to start chatting with other online gamers at ease. The biggest plus about Discord app for iOS users is that the updates get frequently released officially and the users can directly download them from the Apps section in their iPhone. The entire user interface of Discord app for iPhone users is user-friendly and it does have new features in them, when compared to the android version of the same app.

Best Apps like Discord

There are many different Discord Alternative apps like Discord, available for a download at both Play Store and at Apple’s App Store, yet, Discord stands unique by various features to their users. Such Discord Download Alternatives do have lots of ads running all over the app, which shall make the users uncomfortable while trying to chat with fellow gamers, while being in the middle of a gameplay. Also, the Discord app regularly fixes the bugs even before their users notice them at first place. This type of unique functionality has made Discord app the best among other apps that are trying to be like them.

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