What is Avatarify ? How to Install on Windows ? Everything you need to know

The recent pandemic situation has improved the work from the home scene. The office meetings are now being conducted on the video conferencing apps like Zoom and Skype. There are millions of people who are working from home the same way they used to work in the office. The shift in working ethics and structure had a significant impact on Zoom meetings and Skype. With the increased number of users, these companies are adding new features to their apps.

The developers named Ali Aliev and Karim Isakov developed a new program, which helps you spoof the faces while in the Zoom or skype meetings. They have named the system “Avatarify.” This program allows the users to use the Deep Fake AI to impose the virtual mask of any person while performing the video call. It’s a great tool that will enable you to have fun for a while. Here, we are going to share the detailed information about the Avatarify program and how to use the same to prank your friends or colleagues.

What is Avatarify?

Avatarify app guide

Avatarify is the photorealistic deepfake API powered software program. It works by imposing the still image on our face, making it look like another person. You can use this app on the third-party video conferencing apps. It works on the artificial neural network, named as “First Order Motion Model.”

Avatarify provides the photorealistic avatars for you while you are on the video conferencing with your friends or office colleagues. It works by taking the facial recognition points from the provided imagery and imposing the same on your moving face. It is trained on nearly 12,000 images, so it can accurately extract the facial recognition points and impose it on your face in the live video conferencing apps.

How to Install Avatarify on your Computer?

The Avatarify program is still in the beginner phase. So, you don’t get any installer or sophisticated installation instruction. If you have a little technical knowledge of using the command line, then you can easily install this on your computer. The developers have added support for Windows, Linux, and macOS computers. So, you can easily follow the instructions and install this program on your computer to use different avatars while on the video call with your friends or colleagues. If you are using the Windows computer, then here are the step-by-step instructions for installing Avatarify with ease.

  1. First of all, you need to install Miniconda Python 3.7 [https://docs.conda.io/en/latest/miniconda.html#windows-installers] and Git Client [https://git-scm.com/download/win] on your computer. Download the clients by clicking the respective links and install them.
  2. After installing these two programs, open the “Miniconda Shell” from the Start menu. Click on the start menu and search for the Miniconda.
  3. In the Miniconda Python shell, enter the following commands one by one and press the ENTER Do not type these commands to prevent errors. It is better to copy-paste these commands.git clone https://github.com/alievk/avatarify.git
    cd avatarify
  4. Now, it’s the time to install the Network Weights for Avatarify. Download the Network weights from this link. [ https://github.com/alievk/avatarify#download-network-weights ]
  5. From the network weights, move the “vox-adv-cpk.pth.tar” file in the “avatarify” directory. Do not unpack the tar file in the Avatarify directory.
  6. Now, double-click on the “bat” file to run the batch file. It will create two new folders in the Avatarify directory location.
  7. Again, you have to install two supporting programs. First, download and install the OBS Studio and VirtualCam plugin for the same.
  8. After installing OBS Studio, open the same on your desktop. Click on the ‘(+)‘ button and select the “Windows Capture” option. In the next window, select the “[exe]Avatarify” option from the drop-down menu of the devices.
  9. Now, navigate to “Edit -> Transform -> Fit to screen” to make videos fit to screen. After that, click on “Tools -> VirtualCam.” this will open the VirtualCam settings.
  10. In the settings, check if the program is set to Autostart. Set the buffered frames to Zero and then press the “Start” button to start everything.
  11. Once done, open any video conferencing app, and you’ll see the option to choose “OBS Studio” as the preferred camera. Choose the same, and you’ll be able to use the Avatarify.

Final Words

Avatarify is a great tool that helps us to impose the facial points of any person on our face while on the video call. It’s a great tool for pranking our friends or colleagues. Although it’s a great example of the deepfake AI integration, you should not use it for any unauthorized activity.

The installation procedure is quite complex, but there is no other simpler way available for it. If you have a little technical knowledge, then you can easily follow these steps to install Avatarify on Windows. But trust me, the hard work won’t go into the veins, as using Avatarify is a pleasant experience.

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