(5 Reasons) Why App Review is Important to Check before Downloading an App

According to the latest News, it says that “Reviews are one of the most aspects of app stores”. If you have a Bad Review it might change your Profitable Business App into Losses within a Day, Month or Year. Ratings helps an application in various ways like Good App Rating helps in increasing Visibility of the App on the Store, Customers start Downloading the App without even bothering about anything and a lot more. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your App Ratings not below than 3.5 out of 5 (On an average).

5 Reasons on Why One Must Check Reviews Before Downloading App

There could be much reason for one to check the Reviews before Downloading App. App Review help the customer to know about the application and build’s a trust if it has Good Ratings on app store. Now, without wasting much time let’s move to Reasons on Why One Must Check Reviews before Downloading App

  • Fraud App: These days many developers create Application and Embed 100’s of Advertisements due to which the Users are not able to use the App proper and their Mobile Phone starts lagging. Therefore, it has become a necessity for the users to check the App before downloading any Application.
  • Descriptive: There might a new update of the App available in the store. But this might not be compatible with your OS or Mobile. Therefore, you must check the Reviews of other people with same OS or Device in order before downloading any Application.
  • Genuine Reports and Feedbacks : If you usually keep reading Reviews of the Applications before downloading them you will be able to compare the App. Whether the app will help you after downloading or not. Genuine Reports and Feedbacks (Reviews) helps in gathering Knowledge about the working of the Application you’re going to download next.
  • Full Details of the App: App Reviews helps the user to know all the details and things related to the Application. A detailed review may contain things like Software compatibility, Size, and Experience while using the Application.
  • Updates & In App Purchases: Reviews helps an user to know about the Hidden or Backend Cost or purchases in a Application. Some apps have Paid Updates and Upgrades like Subway Surfer, 8 Ball pool, and many other Apps in the same niche.

How to Get Positive Reviews for Any App on App Store

Many people often ask how they can get Positive Reviews on their Application. The simple answer for the question is to study the App just like you’re a user of the same. Trust me working on your own app being a user of the same will help you to find out the Bugs and Fixes requirements which will potentially helps you to decrease the number increasing Negative Reviews on your App.

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Above we have shared 5 Reasons on why one must check reviews before downloading app. We have also shared some tips on how you can get positive reviews on your APP. If you still have some queries on it you can comment below and we will be in touch with you ASAP.

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